Friday, August 22, 2014

You Could Perform at The 3rd Annual BET Hip Hop Awards "Welcome 2 Atlanta" Pre-Show Concert

Found this in my inbox (seems legit):

The past two Welcome 2 Atlanta concerts during BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend has introduced Trinidad James, Scotty ATL, Two9, and other talented Atlanta artist. We will continue to use this concert series to showcase the new and dopest artist from the city.  The series has hosted industry movers and shakers who come to check out the talent and this year....
We are doing it again!!!
We have 3 more slot to perform.  The deadline is 8/27/14.
 9/19 at The Basement in EAV
Contact us ASAP!

If you are musically talented and will be in Atlanta on September 19th, check it out.

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