Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Explaining My Absence...

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No.  I wasn't out living it up soooo much that I couldn't post anything on this site.  (Though I wish I were.) I gotta keep it straight with y'all, even though we all know the internet is the last place that anyone tells the truth about themselves!  Ever notice how everyone is like so abundantly rich and "making moves", living the good life (says them) online??  It's ridiculous!

Anyways, that's a whole 'notha post for another time.

Look.. I don't even know how many "Where I Been" posts one blog can possibly have.  (Seriously)  Since I began this blog in 2010, I've gone MIA quite a few times.  But this last mind trip has been the longest.  Take a look at the posts.... MONTHS!

There's a post here and there since July 2014.  Mostly posts that I very consciously willed myself to throw together and publish.  You know, for the sake of being a "Blogger".   And I think that's the thing, kind of... I don't know... The whole feeling of having to post daily and attempting to keep everything current.  Came a time when that wasn't cool for me anymore.  I used to be super pressed to throw a post together and publish it before it hit all the other, known gossip/urban sites.  For instance, I check Huffington Post several times a day and follow TMZ on Twitter.  As far as news coverage, all your crime stories and politics, etc., Huffington Post is usually the site that A LOT of the blogs get their information from.  Believe me.  I've seen straight copy-and-paste on many sites that don't even credit the ole Huff.  And then, for the credible celebrity news, TMZ pretty much has that on lock.  Again, most sites' source.

So, I'd get news from originating sites, such as those mentioned above, and work super fast on creating and publishing a post before some of the other blogs had a chance to post.  And many times that I failed to post before them I'd either not post at all or post and have this nagging feeling that I am LATE and shouldn't have bothered with it.

...And then came my decision, (whether consciously or subconsciously, I can't tell which to be honest),  to only post when I felt like getting around to it.  No more rushing to regurgitate what is seen on every other blog net-wide.  And essentially that turned into me cranking out an average of about 3 posts per month since July 2014.

Three posts per month for about 7 months.  I used to publish that many posts by lunchtime everyday, prior to July.  You know?..

And I didn't miss it.  I still stayed abreast of all the news.  I just went from gathering news and sharing to simply hoarding the news all for myself.

Plus, I don't get paid for this SHIT!  <<And that, right there, trumps all else said before.  Because, for a cute lil penny, I'd regurgitate stories all day long!  Y'all know it's all about the motherfuckin' money!... Y'all know that! 

(Does the big advertisers endorse swear words??)

Anyways, today is a day that I woke up feeling like doing something old and familiar.  So, I'll be putting up a few posts today and we'll see where it goes from there.

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