Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Man's Wife Chops Off His Penis Twice In One Night!

This is truly a "Some People don't learn" story:

A married couple in China are being referenced worldwide as a cautionary tale of what cheating can get you.

Fan Lung, 32, used his wife's cell phone to send a mistress an email.  (Why??.. No one can understand his logic, I'm sure.)  His 21 year old wife, Feng, discovered the email and proceeded to help rid him of his penis as he slept.  Because that's the source of all males' evil, right?  (Who knows?..I'm purely guessing at her logic.)  

Fan was taken to a local hospital, where the doctors successfully reattached his member.  And where Feng attacked for the second time, successfully removing Fan's penis once again and throwing it out of a window.

Fed up with his wife's antics for the night, Fan chased Feng outside and commenced to giving her a dragging and beating.  Seriously.  The two were fighting outside of the hospital.  As you can in the picture above, Fan is naked and bloody.  Penis missing (you can't see that, but we know the story).  Dragging his penis-chopping wife all 'round.

Feng has been treated at the hospital following the fight and the penis is still at large. No pun intended.  I'm curious as hell to know where a penis goes after being tossed out a window!  And also: Why in the hell did Fan allow the Missus anywhere near him after that shit she pulled back at the house?!

Pure craziness.


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