Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gospel Edition: "CoCo" James Wright [Video]

My mother showed me some of James Wright's videos a couple months ago from her Facebook page.  I cracked up!  (He's funny.)

So, just the other night I came across the below video of his Gospel rendition of O.T. Genasis' "Coco" on the Ratchet Mess Returns blog.  Again:  I DIED LAUGHIN'!  The beginning of the vid leaves you wondering just where the hell is he takin' this.  But then the track comes in and you're experiencing the funniest take on "Coco" you'll probably ever witness.


"Rebel" Christina Milian [Audio]

This is the first single from Miss C Milli's upcoming album.   

I'll start positively by saying she is beautiful and cover art is super cute.

And now I'll say for the song:  (I) DON'T LIKE!  This track is so generic.  The beat, the auto tune, the lyrics... All bad.  

Check it out for yourself:

"For Everybody" Juicy J ft. Wiz Khalifa & Rock City [Audio]