Friday, April 24, 2015

Black Lipstick: Armour Femme Fatale (40) [Review]

Tumblr is my favorite social media spot.  This site has provided me endless laughs, information and (of course) brings me all sorts of products I otherwise would not know about.  My latest Tumblr find is Armour's Femme Fatale (40).

Femme Fatale is a beautiful, black gloss that applies smoothly (and evenly), smells like cake batter and even wears nicely.  After a couple of hours the gloss, naturally, wanes a bit, but it still looks nice.  As time goes on, the color isn't the powerful black you began with, but it appears as an opaque dark purple.  Even several hours later, (eating and drinking, talking..), you still have a cute look.  I found that the outer lines of the lips are dark and the inner has just a bit of shimmer.  Sort of an ombre effect.

...In other words, you can go an entire day without touching this up.  This gloss remains cute as it wears.

I purchased this product from $30 includes shipping. 
And regular delivery got it to me in just two days via Fed Ex. (Super fast processing and delivery.)   

Beautylish's packaging is simple but cute.  And they even added a personalized, hand-written Thank You card!

This is about 4 hours of wear, after eating and drinking.

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