Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-Style Lost (Yet Another) Viewer

I don't even know how many seasons the Atlanta cast has had with the Love & Hip Hop franchise, but this is where the crazy train ride ends for me.  I love ratchet, scripted reality TV just as much as the next, but GOT DAMN IT!!! At least put in a decent effort to fool me. PLEASE! (Seriously. I'm begging!!)

Monday night's season premiere has given me all I need to make the decision to leave this show out of rotation for this season.  Here's just a few reasons why:

  • Stevie trying to fight Nikko like how your lil cousins did in the back room back in da day while the adults out in the living room and kitchen getting fucked up; partying and shit. He look silly as hell always tryin' scoop a grown man off his feet. No punches thrown... What the fuck make him think he can lift Nikko??  I'd bet good money that he can't even lift his "wife". He need to cut it out.  A hard elbow to the back of that neck would mess ole Stevie up.  Before he try fighting on tv, he need to get his practice on.

  • Stevie showing up to that girl showcase, supposedly drunk. That whole scene was fake as hell. Him and Mimi flirting. Him straddling the balcony railing.. Just being loud and foolish. (Oh, Gawd!! *I cringe*)

  • Nikko's dumb ass haircut and face

  • Nikko's wife is on the show. This show is just anything at this point. Everybody hopping on this sloppy ass gravy train and ain't adding a damn thing to the flavor. (Unless this whole thang is shit-flavored.  In that case, the new additions are contributing. *Oop!*)

  • KIRK.. This married man done got a 2 bedroom apartment, hollerin' bout it's an office. I may have missed it, but is at least one of the rooms even set up as an office? Can he at least throw an executive desk and chair, printer and computer in a corner or something?!  The chick he call himself signing to a 5 album contract (I heard that right, yeah?..) she come in laying on the bed, having him assist her with taking off her jacket... Hugging all up on him. And had the nerve to have on some tired, old ass, fuzz ball, linty leggings. Obviously she knew she was gonna be on camera that day. She shoulda came better than that; in behavior and dress. I would watch the show to see if Rashida pretty ass serve him some walking papers, but I already know she won't. She love Kirk, his bullshit and his "three earrings".  

Then again, I honestly think a lot of this shit with these two is all show. And that's another thing I ain't for. Marriage is supposed to be a sacred Union. Who the hell goes on TV and fakes marital issues for a few thousand and a lil bit of exposure?  That ain't the move. 

  • Karlie Redd 50-something year old ass still out here tryin' to act like she 22. 

  • Mimi talkin' bout her eyes are finally OPEN to the bum that is Nikko. (It's laughable that someone could be/act so dumb.)
Did Waka and his crew bow out??  I didn't see any of them in the premiere nor the season trailer. If they did, that was a smart move. 'Cause this show is a fuckin' circus full of clowns. 

I'm just... UGGGHH!

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