Thursday, May 7, 2015

Convenience: Tiny, Portable Washing Machine

If you've ever lived without a washer (and dryer) in your home, you know the pain of visiting the laundromat and/or laundry room located inside of your apartment building.  It's a pain!  And a chore that I surely hated.  (Such an inconvenience)

Well, if you are currently in such a living situation, a company by the name of Yirego has created a small, foot-operated washer, The Drumi, that may help lessen the dread of Laundry Day.  Or at least help you avoid weekly trips the 'mat.  Those that are too busy (or just plain old lazy..) can throw in some necessary pieces each week and skip the trip outside of their home to wash.

..You know... Throw in a few pairs of undies, bras, your favorite shirt/skirt/jeans -just 1 pair, at a time, please.  Do that week after week and before you know it, an entire month has passed. (Good thing this was not around when I lived in units without a washer. I'd have had avoided the laundromat for MONTHS!)

From Huffington Post:

The Drumi is foot-powered, and can clean about three days' worth of personal undergarments and shirts in about 5 minutes. It uses approximately 2 gallons of water per load and only a little soap, which according to Yirego is 80 percent less water and detergent than what's required by regular washing machines.

Yirego told The Huffington Post that the Drumi will retail for a promotional price of $129 until April 23, after which it will retail for $169. The product will officially hit the market this summer, but the company is currently accepting pre-orders from Canadian and US residents. 

Now, if they could just create an accompanying dryer..

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