Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Photoshop: Takin' It From Normal to Abnormally Beautiful, Condensed to 90 Seconds [Video]

Go from this...

To this..

In this social media driven world, it is all about beauty and booty.  Tiny waists and large breasts.  Flat stomachs and insanely rotund asses (these two don't even match in the REAL world).  Blemish-free skin and thin, European features (with the exception of full lips-mainstream says that's "in" now).  The aforementioned are the current aesthetic and just about every girl aspires to obtain this "beauty".  Some achieve this by going under the knife, and in some cases, a dirty knife in a back alley, jeopardizing one's health.  While others opt for the much safer physical option of the grand photo illusion: Photo Shop.

The below video is 6 hours of Photo Shop done by a professional, condensed to a 90-minute video.  It shows how a pimply-faced subject goes to a flawless, smooth, even, blushed (shaded) face that many would die to have.  Even the nails are lengthened just so.  Along with the shading in the slack mouth that sits slightly ajar.  The background... Damn near every single spot on this picture receives an adjustment.

I think we would all agree that the ultimate picture is that of a beautiful model, right?

But not even the model looks like the (final picture) model.

Before this age of all the photoshopping and plastic surgery does anyone even remember how a natural body or face looks???  Everyone: Guys and gals seem to expect for all women to look like an airbrushed supermodel with silky hair flowing down your back and measurements of 36-27-40.   It's unrealistic and horrible for the psyche of an entire generation.

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