Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Still Cold In Tha D: Off-Duty Officer Shoots 2 Over a Parking Spot at a Kevin Hart Show


(Kevin, just know you are NOT to blame for this bull! But also know your name will garner post reads--Okaaaaaaayy.)

An off-duty Detroit police officer was utilizing an empty parking space beside his disabled vehicle as he changed his tire between Kevin Hart's first and second shows for the day in Detroit, Michigan.  Seeing the empty parking space, another carful of Mr. Hart's fans attempted to park so they could enjoy his show.  Obviously, the cop wasn't for it.  Because, of course, his elbow room for a tire change takes precedence over these concert-goers need for a place to legally park their car!--D'ahhh  (The nerve of this guy)

A verbal altercation turns physical and ends in the cop shooting 2 of the second car's occupants.

From Huffington Post:

An off-duty Detroit police officer shot and injured a man and a woman during an argument related to a parking space at comedian Kevin Hart’s Saturday night show in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Police Lt. Jill McDonnell told The Huffington Post Monday morning.
press release from the Auburn Hills Police Department posted on Facebook said that the 26-year-old officer, who was off duty, fired his weapon after a verbal and physical fight in the parking lot. A 32-year-old man from Detroit and 31-year-old woman from Harper Woods were shot, and the officer sustained a head wound, according to the police.
All three were taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. McDonnell said that as of Sunday afternoon, both the officer and the woman had been released from the hospital.
The initial argument was related to an empty parking spot next to the officer's vehicle that he was using to change a flat tire, according to McDonnell.
“There was an empty space that he was obviously utilizing when he was changing the tire, otherwise he would have gotten run over or not been able to change the tire, and the other vehicle was attempting to back into [the space], and then there was a verbal altercation,” McDonnell said.
“The officer was attacked in the parking lot and responded by using his off-duty weapon,” Detroit Police Department Sgt. Cassandra Lewis said in a statement emailed to HuffPost.
Police responded to the shooting at 12:03 a.m. Sunday morning, between the first and second Hart shows. Those involved had been going to the second show.
McDonnell described a somewhat chaotic scene in the parking lot.
“For the most part, the previous show attendees had left, but ... it’s like going to the mall the day after Thanksgiving, as soon as a spot opens up someone pulls in,” she said.
McDonnell said authorities do not know whether alcohol or drugs were involved. Officials are not releasing the number of times the officer fired or where the individuals were hit because of the ongoing criminal investigation, she added.
DPD is conducting an internal investigation in cooperation with Auburn Hills police, Lewis’ statement said.


Does anyone try to DEescalate issues anymore??  Especially the officer.  He should have specific training for dealing with hype situations.

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