Monday, May 2, 2016

Makeup Review: Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Rich Cocoa

I have been using NARS's Sheer Glow foundation in Benares for (about) the past 2 years.  And I love it!  I'm a chocolate girl.  Benares has a chocolate undertone.  And that makes all the sense in the world for my complexion.  Prior to NARS I had given another popular brand a try and it just was not for me.  The makeup was comprised of either a red undertone or a yellow undertone.  And that was it.  (But what about the people that don't match with either of those two options???!)

Though I am happy with my NARS foundation, I'm starting to get low (Yes.  After 2 YEARS!--the bottle lasts you.) and have decided to try out some other brands in the market.

The first stop was Estée Lauder.  A representative for the counter in a local department store raved about the how well the makeup matches for brown (darker) complexions.  This rep's makeup was flawlessly done.  Very natural-looking. Not underdone or overly done; as I oftentimes come across with makeup consultants.  I trusted her suggestion.

The rep blended in a dab of the Double Wear foundation in the color (6C1) Rich Cocoa along my jawline and it blended in perfectly! At the time of visiting the counter my face was already fully made up for the day.  So, I left with a sample to give a full face tryout at a later time.

The very next day I decided to use the Estée Lauder foundation.  And I loved it! The application went  smoothly.  And a dab goes a long way!  The tiny sample bottle I have would probably last several days, I'd expect.  The coverage is good.  I'd say it falls somewhere between a medium to full coverage; leaning closer to full.  And I love the matte finish.  This makeup has a barely there feel.  And true to the brand's claim, it lasts all day!  I worked a 7 hour shift, went out for dinner afterwards and went to see a movie.  Basically, my face had been made up for over 13 hours.  When I came home I was still looking GOOD! No trace of a long day on my face whatsoever!  I barely wanted to clean my face, I was looking so gold at the end of the night!

BUT!!!!! I did clean my face.  And beneath it all, I had broken out.


How could a makeup that did me so right do me so wrong?!!

All over both cheeks and above my top lip, tiny bumps everywhere!  Guess the skin on my forehead is comprised of something else because that is about the only spot that was not affected.  I was in total disbelief! Looking in the mirror throughout the day I had no indication that underneath the makeup had arisen a face full of bumpiness.  Absolutely no clue.  So, that may be another plus for Estée.  Their foundation masks well?? (I guess..)

And my skin isn't sensitive.  Cannot recall the last time that a product caused a breakout for me.  But then again, I've only used the NARS brand for the past two years.  Could just be my skin's reaction to the change and not particularly to the composition of Estée's Double Wear Foundation.

Overall, I think this foundation is awesome!

Unfortunately, for me, my skin doesn't agree.

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