Wednesday, October 12, 2016

MacBook Pro Recall (Extended Warranty)

My trusty MacBook Pro is 5 years old!  I can't even believe it.  Up until a few months ago, I never experienced an issue with my 'Book.  I mean.. NEVER!!  And that's one of the things I've come to take for granted.

Until around 2008, when I purchased my first, (white--y'all remember those?), MacBook, I'd been using PCs/laptops and boy! are they some faulty pieces of machinery!! Viruses here, there and every damn where!  I guess that is largely due to Windows and those antivirus (McAfee) software, though.  At least that was my conclusion with the last laptop I'd owned, which was around about 10 years ago.  Possibly, things have changed by now.  (For all you Windows people, I truly hope they have.  Talk about a PAIN!)

But, until my Pro failed on me YEARS after it's purchase, I had never before even given thought to the fact that I hadn't experienced (not) a single issue with this machine.  Not one!  And that is why I will most likely always splurge for an Apple computer.  Hopefully, I won't have to make that splurge for many more years to come, but believe me.. When the day comes, I will be replacing with an Apple product.

Plus, as I am about to tell you all about, when something goes wrong, Apple usually acknowledges their fault (if that is the case) and they make it right!  And in a speedy fashion.  I've let you all know about one recall with the iPhone 6 Plus camera's focus mechanism in the Summer of 2015.  Now, let me tell ya about a recall I came across with the 2011/2012 MacBook Pro:

One night I was in bed scrolling through the 'net, per usual, and decided to throw some music in the mix.  A few songs into my Apple Music 90's R&B and Hip Hop Playlist, the screen went funky on me and the music began skipping then froze.  I lost my cursor and just decided to do a Force shut down of the computer.  Upon restart, my MacBook entered into a continuos, non-stop loop of rebooting.  I forced a shut down again and tried to get to the point where I could log in several times, to no avail.

Ultimately, I was able to back up my computer successfully after many days of toying around with machine.  Once that was done, I did a factory reset of the machine.  Wiped it completely bare!  And surprise, freakin' SURPRISE!!.. The rebooting loop persisted.  I was at my wit's end!  I did not want to get rid of my 'Book, but what was I gonna do with a non-working machine?!  I could have sold it, but not nearly for as much money as I would have liked, (which, for me, would have been an amount close to enough for me to purchase a new model).  And otherwise, I'd have to pay a pretty penny to get it fixed... I had a couple hundred for the cause.  Giving up my extra cash to fix a computer wouldn't have been my first choice on how to spend it, but.. You know..

I made an appointment for the Genius Bar; praying they could work some magic within my budget.  And I got quite the surprise!!  The $600+ fix was gonna be on them!  Apparently, some MacBooks manufactured around the year mine was made have an issue with a smoldered part that eventually overheats and causes this malfunction my computer experienced.  I left my computer at Apple on a Saturday morning and it was shipped back to my front door by mid-week.  I think it was a Wednesday.  It arrived before the estimated date; I do know that.

This all happened about 3 months ago.  And I haven't had an issue out of my computer since.

And because I am not that good with all the technicalities, here's info from Mac Rumors regarding the recall:

Apple has extended its MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues until December 31, 2016, or four years from its original date of sale, according to a recently updated support document on its website. The program was previously set to expire next week, on February 27, 2016, or three years from the original date of sale. 

Apple launched the repair program exactly one year ago today to address select 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro models, sold between February 2011 and February 2013, that have problems with distorted video, no video, or unexpected system restarts. Customers can look up their MacBook Pro model using Apple's "Check Coverage" online tool. 

Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will continue to repair affected MacBook Pro models at no charge, and customers who already paid for an authorized repair can contact Apple to arrange reimbursement. Customers can bring their MacBook Pro to an Apple Store or AASP, or mail the notebook to a local Apple Repair Center. 

MacBook Pro video issues impacted a significant number of customers, prompting a class-action lawsuit against against Apple and an online petition with over 40,000 signatures. Affected MacBook Pro models often have visual banding or malfunctions on the screen, particularly when users are watching HD videos or using CPU-intensive software like the Adobe Creative Suite or Final Cut Pro. 

The issues stem from defective Nvidia and AMD GPUs that do not function correctly because of lead-free soldering that causes short circuiting and other problems, according to legal documents. Apple has since launched a similar repair program for late 2013 Mac Pro video issues, which are also related to AMD GPUs. The symptoms are nearly identical, including distorted video and system instability.

I understand that it took a class action lawsuit and all to get the ball rolling for Apple to acknowledge and correct, but y'all know your fave Windows device WOULD NEV'AH!!

Honestly.  How many laptops and PC's have y'all trashed in the last 5 years?  When them things go up.. That's it.  And never mind the price point.  Yeah, you can buy 2-3 laptops over the course of 5-6 years and maybe still not be at the cost of a MacBook, but why sacrifice the headache of an inconsistent experience (or just a constant horrible experience with every use) and regular repairs and replacements on your dime??

I recommend MacBook all day long.

If your 'Book has been acting weird on you, Check Coverage with this link and/or visit your local Apple store to see if your issue falls under this particular free repair.

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