Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Arkansas Judge Abuses Power and Resigns Rather Than Go Through the "Motions"..

"Go through the motions."  That was a pun.  I thought it was funny, least...

However, what is absolutely not funny though is the latest story out of Arkansas about (ex) Judge Timothy Parker, who used his judicial power to garner sexual favors in exchange for extremely low bails or even the complete dismissal of bail.

Earlier today the Arkansas' Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission announced Parker's resignation; which is a decision the judge arrived at after he received a formal letter from the commission detailing accusations from several female defendants that alleges between the years of 2013 to 2016, he either set really low bail for them (and/or their family members or friends) or simply ordered their release without bail if the female was willing to give him something in exchange.

From NY Times:

The commission, which investigates judges who are accused of misconduct or for disabilities that prevent them from doing their jobs, said Mr. Parker continued to deny the allegations, but that he resigned as part of a negotiated resolution to avoid being formally charged with judicial conduct violations. The statement said he was concerned about the impact litigation would have on his family, and that his term was about to expire anyway. 
It [formal lettter] said the commission has recorded video statements from more than a dozen women and obtained text messages that supported the allegations. It said there were other undisputed allegations against the judge, including that he sometimes personally showed up at the county jail to order the release without bail of friends, and that he would give them rides home in his personal vehicle. 
..The commission was only responsible for judicial charges, which meant that Mr. Parker could have been removed from serving as a judge or could have faced other sanctions if he had not resigned, Mr. Sachar said. 
But Mr. Sachar said that there was also a criminal investigation underway by a special prosecutor and that Mr. Parker’s law license could be placed under investigation by a separate agency that regulates those licenses. 
The special prosecutor, Jason Barrett, told The A.P. that he was reviewing the case. He could not be reached for comment. 
Telephone calls and an email to Mr. Parker’s law office and to other numbers associated with him were not returned on Wednesday, but he denied the allegations to The Associated Press on Tuesday. Asked why he didn’t contest them, he told The A.P: “I have young children and I don’t want them exposed to that kind of crap.”

For the life of me, I cannot understand why these unethical beings, such as ex-Judge Parker, is given the option to simply step down, because of course, he doesn't want his "young children..exposed to that kind of crap."

What crap?.. The kind he was engaged in?.. Wielding his power from the bench to exploit desperate women for his perverse sexual gratification... Is that the "crap" he's referring to that he would not like his children to be made aware of?...

Unfortunately, this will most likely all end with the women suing and Arkansas tax payers footing the bill.  I mean, it's all good for them if they get some good money in their pockets and all, by why should the tax payers have to pay for this guy's fuck up?

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