Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I been thinkin'... (Life is too short)

**The below post is a draft that I began September 18, 2012.  Even over 4 years later, the words remain true and hopefully someone finds inspiration in them. Happy New Year to you all!*

Life is too short for these few things:

1--Worrying about people that you care nothing about and/or those that care nothing about you!

  • Especially when it comes to what they think or say about you. And guess what... If you do care about someone that constantly talks about you and puts you down and revels in misfortunes and obstacles that enter your life... You need to STOP.

    • It's obvious that anyone who thinks your downfalls are funny or well-deserved, ain't for you. They are totally against you!

    • And anyone that speaks ill of you (behind your back) ain't for you.

2-- Chasing love from one that doesn't want to (and most likely never will) give it to you.

  • We all want to feel loved, but this ain't the way.  As the old saying goes: "Can't get blood from a turnip." Don't waste your precious time.

3-- Harping on regrets

  • Sure, we all have regrets. Once you go through with something and it doesn't go as planned, it's human nature to do the whole, "Damn! I shoulda.." That's a natural feeling and response. However, you can't stay stuck on the "Shoulda woulda coulda"'s in life. Every situation and experience is a lesson. Take what you've learned and apply it the next time 'round. (And there will be a "next time". The same people may not be involved, but the same situation is bound to arise.)
  • The past is the past and unchangeable. Worrying about something you nor anyone else can do anything about in the present or future is pure nonsense.  Shed regrets and pick up some HAPPY 😁.  Happy for another day and another chance to mold your life into what you want it to be. (Or even another day with the knowledge that the carryout around the corner has nasty food and will never get another dime of your money!--lol)

4--Not showing those that you love and care for that you honestly do love and care for and cherish them.

5-- Not Enjoying Life.

  • The majority of us work. And many of us work hard.  Life needs balance. You can't work yourself to death and not enjoy some of your breathing moments.

6-- Constant Negativity

  • Remember that negativity begets negativity and what your mind conjures up is just as powerful as the actions your body takes.  If you constantly think that things won't go right or that you aren't worthy or  even that you don't have enough.. You're probably right.  On the other hand, when you think positively, you'll see that you are just as likely to be right in that case.  The mind is powerful.  If you are a Negative Nelly try thinking positively and see how it changes your outcomes in the world.
  • This even reaches to those that are constant gossipers and/or evil wishers (for others).  Stop with that negativity.  Once you begin to focus on yourself and what you need in life, you'll be much lighter and open to receive all the good things you wish for in life.
**Life can be and will be a difficult journey for most of us.  No matter your race, socio-economic status, education, location, etc.  As humans we will all experience issues, traumas, disappointments, losses and gains.  

As I have maneuvered through life I have realized many worries and stresses that were all in vain: Caring what others thought of me and I either did not know them or knew them and did not care for them--what's the point in being stressed about what someone, that you have no respect for, thinks about you?  Is it your mission to please that person??--NO! Shed that stress and also, do not ever worry about what they are doing, unless it directly effects you.

I've also found myself at times being unnecessarily negative.  That really weighs one down.  Even when dealing with a negative person, when I do not allow their bad mood to rub off on me; thus controlling myself and my life, not allowing them to control me, I feel good and light inside.  And I'm not blocking the good energy the Universe has for me.  (I mean.. I'm only human and can be taken out of my zone.. I'm a work in progress.  But, I suggest you all try it.)

In addition to negativity that weighs us down, regrets that stay on our minds.. and our hopes and wishes that we had done or said something different during a time that has passed.. That's for the birds.  Don't stress today and tomorrow over something that happened yesterday. If you have the means to sort of make amends in regards to past actions, do it.  If you do not, let it go!  It's life.  You will experience things and hopefully you learn from those experiences.   

Though this post began in 2012, I am wrapping it up on January 4, 2017 wishing you all a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, & POSITIVE NEW YEAR! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰**

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