Sunday, April 30, 2017

Delayed Reaction to Chemo After Round 1 [Video]

After chemo round 1 my hair began to come out  more than usual with combing just days later.  Easter weekend I got the cut that can be glimpsed in the above picture.  From there, about 2 weeks in my hair fell out with a combing, leaving me all whipsy-haired like a damaged q-tip, with a bald spot at the crown.

That was expected.

The full body rash I developed 2 weeks and 2 days afterwards was not expected!   Last weekend ended very uncomfortably for me and left me with a question on my mind: QUIT CHEMO OR NO?

The good news is that the tumor is just about nonexistent.  So something is working in that toxic chemo cocktail, but on the other hand the cocktail seems to be threatening my very existence.  Of course, I've heard, "Chemo's no fun." and all of that, but is it always really necessary?

The last question I'll answer for myself and address at a later date with a video.  For now, check out the full details about the rash in the below video:

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