Sunday, April 2, 2017

Update on this whole BREAST CANCER thing [Video]

Since my last update I got a bit of decent news: All the gene mutations tested for came back negative for me!! (Yay!)

I was tested for the following gene mutations:
BRCA 1 (Breast and Ovarian Cancer)
BRCA 2 (Breast and Ovarian Cancer)
PAL B 2 (Breast and Pancreatic Cancers)
CHEK 2 (Breast and Colon Cancer)

All negative.  I didn't jot down what cancers the last 4 genes are responsible for. (sorry)  But this news was good news for me.  Based on these results my case of breast cancer isn't due to a gene mutation, which has been explained to me also means that the risk of recurrence is a bit lower than usual.


This news coupled with my treatment plan of chemo, Herceptin and Perjeta (and later Tamoxifen) has given rise to a new surgery option for me: lumpectomy.

From the day of diagnosis I was set on a bilateral mastectomy.  (That's what emotion-based decisions look like for me.) However, now the less invasive procedure seems like the most logical option.  The only issue I have with the lumpectomy is the follow-up radiation.

Then again, I have an issue with this entire damn thing.

Here's my latest Youtube videos on the topic:

(there's a medical talk vid)

(And a vid about organization suggestions. Remember: You gotta stay on top.)

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