Friday, May 26, 2017

Review: iPhone 7 Plus Camera vs. Canon PowerShot SX 620 HS

Recently the thought popped in my head that I wanted to have some real-deal photography equipment on my side; basically a camera that any photog would utilize to make what they are blessed to actually be in front of,  come to life and choke all viewers not on the scene with envy.

I want to be the owner of super crisp images that are magazine-worthy, ya know?  So, I took to the internet and checked out all the many options out there.  I think a $500+ camera would really sate this yearning, but financially, it's out of my reach.  (And what do you do when something is out of your reach??.. Hope you didn't say "Work hard and GET IT!!"  Nooooo.)  So, I settled for what I could comfortably afford: A Canon PowerShot SX 620.

After reading several reviews on various sites I decided that Canon's point and shoot would suffice (though I really wish I could have kicked for one of their EOS models).  Their SX 620 is currently $230 at most large retailers; a bit cheaper than its original ticket price of about $280.  I got mine from Best Buy just yesterday and am a bit sad that I will be returning it as soon as I feel up to getting back to the store (which will surely be before the 15th day after purchase).  This camera is just not worth the cost for me, because my iPhone 7 Plus' camera is better.

Now, please keep in mind that I'm no professional at photography.  In fact, I'm like an amateur's amateur.  Seriously.  I just learned a little something about lighting about a month ago.  I just love seeing beautiful things and I love to share them.  That's all this whole (more) "professional" camera kick is all about.  And even with that little disclaimer I feel confident in saying that if you own a later model iPhone you may want to skip this camera as a replacement.

Overall, I think the iPhone 7 Plus has a wider angle and the zoom on both distorts just as bad as the other.  As I like to say, the zoomed pictures have a certain degree of "ash", as others like to say, "noise". Both cameras shoot well in most lighting situations, even on the same level in low-lighting situations, which is one of the main reasons why I wanted a more professional camera.

Here are some pictures for comparison:

iPhone Zoom

Canon 620 Zoom

Okay, Christmas is long gone.  I know, but I also happen to know that I'm a little on the lazy side.  This wreath will probably never make it to the attic. *giggles*

So, from the pictures it appears as though the zoom on both devices is not at precisely the same exact level; however, I did notice that the Canon's scope is not as wide as the iPhone's in general.  In this particular iPhone snap you see quite a bit more of the wreath than in Canon's.  I believe that is due to a bit of how much zoom I used for the shots as well as because Canon's angle just isn't as wide as the iPhone's.

With this one I prefer the iPhone's shot, which appears more saturated (or soft with the colors), although Canon's shot is actually closer to the real-life colors of the wreath.


Canon SX 620

This picture was not taken in the same orientation (iPhone held vertically instead of horizontally) and the same amount of zoom was definitely not used, but once again, I like the iPhone shot better because of the color vibrancy.

(Maybe there is a setting to change on the Canon to alter that?-- At this point, I don't know nor care, my mind is set on returning it.)

iPhone with flash and zoom

Canon SX 620 with flash and zoom

This picture illustrates once again how the Canon gets less into the frame than the iPhone; however I like Canon shot better on this one.  The saturation of the iPhone shot loses the vibrancy of colors, I think.  Or it could be that the phone's flash is just not as strong as Canon's.

Excuse the bit of a mess going on, on the bed.  This one goes to Canon.


Canon SX 620
Alright, I'm starting to see that it's more to do with your preference on how soft you prefer your shots to be.  This shot with the dirty wine glasses (that are now strictly for my Apple Juice binges) goes to Canon for me.  I like the crispness this shot has with the brighter white and paler blue in the curtain pattern behind the glasses.


Canon SX 620
And again, the iPhone 7 Plus' camera has that color boldness, while the Canon is more so a truer depiction of what you see in person.

So, I guess it's not so much of the iPhone's camera being "better", as I stated in the beginning of this post, than me simply preferring the color saturation of the iPhone's camera.  The two cameras actually pretty much deliver the same except for when it comes to what the devices can get into the frame, with the iPhone being the obvious winner there.

It's also worth a mention that I shot a vlog with the Canon and the wifi upload to my phone failed.  The wifi connection to my computer from/with the camera failed totally.  The computer just would not come up as a recognized device on the camera.  I once again settled and transferred only the pictures to my phone/iCloud.  I really wish I could get the video on either of my usual (larger) devices because the preview screen on the cam is so small, but it looked about the same as all the iPhone videos I've taken.

Which brings me to another issue... The transfer of pictures and videos between devices; particularly getting them onto my computer.  Whatever I record or snap with my iPhone goes to the cloud and I can just continue work with them from my MacBook, or in a worst case scenario I just hook my phone up to the computer and import the photos and vids into Photos.  With the camera this wifi share is pretty cool, except for it doesn't seem to work too well with larger files, such as the 18-minute video I shot on it last night.

Eventually, I figured out to stick the SD card in my MacBook and transferred the video that way.  The depiction on the camera's small screen was accurate: Quality not any better than what the iPhone produces.

Bottom line is that I'm the owner of a roughly $900 iPhone (128 gb).  Spending $230 on a camera that does not do more than the iPhone's camera and even (in my opinion) lacks a bit, isn't the right move.

**Since beginning this post days ago I have already returned the camera and purchased a Canon Rebel T5i second-hand on eBay.  That camera is said to be a great cam for beginner Photographer/videographers. And I snagged it for just $350.  Should be a great investment for years to come; kicking out better quality vlogs, visually, as well as photos.

I'll keep y'all posted.

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