Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Manic Panic "Siren's Song" Result & Purple NYX Lip Products

Serious Grunge Vibes

Hey. Heyyyy!
Real life Goldilocks

I've been considering dying my hair for a very long time. I wanted something bright and bold! So, I grabbed the color "Siren's Song" by Manic Panic.  I thought that since I had majority grey hair that I could get away with slapping this on and getting a cute streaked look, but that was a fail.  You could see the color a bit; a few people commented on it, but it wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted BOLD!

So, here I am, months later, and I finally purchased a bleaching kit. Bleached my hair and that was cool. The blonde/gold tone was actually cute. (Little did I know, I should have stopped there.)

True to my nature, I kept on moving on. I had to have what I thought was going to be this shocking dark teal blue.  What I got though??.. Joker Green.  Or as my mom likes to say: "Avacado with a side of Honey Mustard." It definitely has a shock factor, but not quite like I wanted. (Booooo!)

Since it turned out so unlike I wished, I immediately dolled up to put this shade in a different light (for myself). And then it was kinda cute and I wanted to share it with people. The cute, finished version, so myself and my oldest nephew sat down in front of the cam. I talk about this dye job gone wrong as well as some purple NYX lip products, and we are otherwise goofin' like we do. Check it out:

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Almost 6 Months Cancer-Free!!

Yes. I say, "Cancer-Free".

All y'all Negative Nellies don't try contacting me or leaving comments, (which I will not approve and publish), saying, "You're in remissssssssioooonnn. Not cancer-freeeeeeeee." (in your whiny voices)

PLEASE! I claim it. Cancer-free for life!

My double mastectomy went well on August 31, 2017. The pathology report revealed that the tumor was totally knocked out of the affected breast and there was just millimeters of cancer located in breast tissue close to the tumor bed.  The unaffected breast had no traces of cancer at all and neither did the 2 lymph nodes removed from the underarm area on the affected side also had no sign of cancer cells!!!

Seriously good news!

And then I got the reconstruction in December 2017.  Awesome results courtesy of Dr. James Bruno in Chevy Chase, MD. If you are in the DC-area and would like a plastic surgeon for medical or maybe just for purely cosmetic reasons, visit Dr. Bruno. He has great bedside manner and is a true sculptor of the human body.  I promise he would not disappoint.

Recovery was great for all of the surgeries.  The only thing I really have a complaint about is those drains after the mastectomy! I had 2 on each side for a few weeks. A true pain! Both physically and psychologically!

So, really... What have I been up to? *Gracious sigh* I've been getting in tune with myself and the world. You know? Just living. Not stressing 'bout nothing. Meditating. Planning.  Seriously planning this time. (lol) No more procrastinating and doubting. Just doing.  And it feels really good.

I'm really into photography and (fashion) styling. I've been doing a lot of both lately. I'm feeling great.  And I'm working on a cancer-free diet and exercise regimen.  I have plans on researching more into the effects of diet and exercise on cancer and hopefully assisting other fighters and survivors with living a healthier life without the worry of a recurrence of this horrible disease.

As for blogging, I'm always around.  (Hope to post again soon.)