Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Manic Panic "Siren's Song" Result & Purple NYX Lip Products

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I've been considering dying my hair for a very long time. I wanted something bright and bold! So, I grabbed the color "Siren's Song" by Manic Panic.  I thought that since I had majority grey hair that I could get away with slapping this on and getting a cute streaked look, but that was a fail.  You could see the color a bit; a few people commented on it, but it wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted BOLD!

So, here I am, months later, and I finally purchased a bleaching kit. Bleached my hair and that was cool. The blonde/gold tone was actually cute. (Little did I know, I should have stopped there.)

True to my nature, I kept on moving on. I had to have what I thought was going to be this shocking dark teal blue.  What I got though??.. Joker Green.  Or as my mom likes to say: "Avacado with a side of Honey Mustard." It definitely has a shock factor, but not quite like I wanted. (Booooo!)

Since it turned out so unlike I wished, I immediately dolled up to put this shade in a different light (for myself). And then it was kinda cute and I wanted to share it with people. The cute, finished version, so myself and my oldest nephew sat down in front of the cam. I talk about this dye job gone wrong as well as some purple NYX lip products, and we are otherwise goofin' like we do. Check it out:

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