Friday, March 2, 2018

Another Step to Keep Cancer Away--I Bought a Juicer!

Well. As you may know, 2017 was quite the year for me: Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, 6 rounds of chemo, bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction, ongoing Herceptin treatments... It was a battle, but as all things: did not last forever.

While going through, I questioned what could I have done to maybe have prevented this ailment, but the past being the past and all, I mainly focused on how to get rid of it.  Research brought me to The (Big Bad) Western Diet. This, along with stress and not knowing how to channel and alleviate my internal turmoil cooked up a tumor, I believe. I combated with Western meds, i.e. Anxiety meds, and Chemotherapy along with other targeted therapies.  That was honestly the easy part. The tumor is gone and I consider myself cancer-free.

The hard part is changing my lifelong eating habits. I vowed to never do dairy again. (INFLAMMATION! that leads to disease.) But, damn it! I love pizza and just cannot seem to let it go! I vowed to stop eating meat (much of it loaded with antibiotics and hormones which leads to disease.), but who can resist a fried chicken wing? I mean.. Really! So, it's tough.  And that's not even to mention the daily exercise vows gone by the wayside.

To tell you the truth, at times, I'm disgusted with my lack of drive on these issues. However, luckily, life happens to go on, and I'm here to give it another go each day. And this brings me to the World of Juicing...

..Actually, a vision brought me to this world... And to make a long story short, it involved beets. Researching beets I found that there are a lot of health (and spiritual) benefits. As far as the health tip,  they also have a high glycemic index, which is compared with glucose that has an index of 100. And I have read enough theories on glucose/sugar feeding cancer to want relatively low glycemic index produce in my life. Well, beets have an index of about 65. So, although they are packed with good nutrition, they are also packed with natural sugar that may be a bit too much for me to consume frequently. But, that beet vision put me on the right track: Juice!

I did my research on Juicers and first wanted to go with a Breville. I've heard the name before and thought it may be a respectable brand for small kitchen appliances. I was set on a particular, cutely shaped juicer from that brand, but then I researched more and found out there are masticating juicers, (which this particular Breville was not), that are better than the ones that usually work vertically and just smash products to result in juice. So, then I set my eyes on a Philips masticating juicer. But then I thought to research more and learned about the Omega 8006. I really wanted that juicer, but the retailer I wanted to purchase from, Kohl's, didn't carry it online nor in my local store. So I researched even more and found that the 8006 is the exact same as the 8004, (which Kohl's does carry), except for the color. (Yay!)

I was so set on purchasing from Kohl's because of Kohl's Cash and other discounts. Let me tell ya the great deal I got on this purchase. Check it out:

  • Retail Price:                 $380
  • On Sale Price:              $342
  • Coupon Savings:          $68
  • Kohl's Cash Earned:     $50
  • Kohl's Reward Earned: $40      (takes into account this as well as prior purchases) 
  • Shipping:                       $0

At the time of purchase, including tax, I paid $290 for the juicer, but on the back end I received $90 to spend at a later date.  No stipulations on how to spend it either, other than that it has to be spent in Kohl's, of course.  So, the way I see it, I got an almost $400 juicer for just $200. Steal of a deal, or what?! That's a steal of a deal!!

Seriously, if you are in the market to buy something that costs a little bit, like bedding, cookware, electronics, a season wardrobe change (especially if you are shopping for more than one kid), check out Kohl's during a Kohl's Cash promotion. Usually, you get $10 back per $50 that you spend. You then have to return to shop during a specified timeframe to spend it, but Kohl's always has something to buy. You'll be able to grab something you need or want without a prob.

So, I've got my juicer and have made yet another vow: Juice at least once a week and drink at least 8-12 ounces of fresh juice 3 times a week. HERE'S TO HEALTH & WELLNESS!

Stay tuned for a review on the Omega 8004 and how my first juice turned out. 

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