Thursday, June 28, 2018

West World Season 2 Finale [Video]

Sunday night I watched the West World Season 2 finale all the way through and only realized it was the finale at the end of the episode. (Imagine the horror!)  It was a really good episode, and I guess a good place to leave viewers suspended and all, but... WHY WASN'T IT LABELED AS THE SEASON FINALE ON HBO GO?!! Some people suffer from anxiety (and possibly other things) that just makes this failure of announcement a pretty big deal internally.

Did y'all watch? Where is the show to go after this? If this were a movie, I feel as though Sunday's episode would be the final scene before the credits roll. Season 3 gotta be quite the follow up.

I recorded a vlog 'bout it. Here it goes:


Trauma, Love, Trauma...Oftentimes You Just Gotta Let Go & Let God! [Video]

A lot of us that have experienced trauma have a special place in our hearts for others that have also experienced trauma. No matter what the trauma is. If we have a sad story and meet someone else that has a sad story, we often think that we can pair up with this fellow trauma survivor and the two of us will just love each other well and live happily ever after. Sounds good, but sadly, this is rarely how it plays out in reality.

Two people that have unresolved issues (usually) cannot get together and live a blissful life.  And worst yet, many people in these situations think that the unhappy home is not only "just the way love goes", but also worth it. All of the bickering, disrespect, physical fights, it's all worth the price paid, because many times hurt is what both parties know and expect from life situations.

I'm here to tell you that is NOT healthy. It's not love. It's not right.

If you find yourself in an emotionally, psychologically, physically abusive cycle; waiting for and anticipating your next bout of trauma, get out and get professional help.

Leave the "fixing people" to those that actually get paid to do it. Clear your life of dusty spirits. Of any beings with a dusty outlook on life. And most importantly, love yourself enough to be done with unnecessary trauma and drama.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Any Photographer's Best Tool: Editing Software

I've been dabbling, very, very, very, quite amateurishly in photography for about a year now and just caught on to the very real relevance of EDITING! I have to all caps that, because, like... For-freakin' real??

How have I been soooo oblivious for so long?!

I mean, of course we all use filters on social media pics.  It ain't a selfie out there of me without a nice touch up from the digital Gods! This goes without saying.  So, why then, did it take me so long to recognize the necessity of a good digital alteration on pictures shot with my Canon (t5i)?  Since I got the camera I usually tweak the lightness/darkness or the color depth with iPhotos tools and that was really about it... Correct blemishes.. Small stuff. Usually, I'd add a crispness to the photos, but still many were not as amazing as I thought they could be.

Something was missing.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks over the weekend: Photo Editing!  As I admired some photography work on Twitter, I came across a guy that showed some before and afters of photos (edited vs unedited).  His edited photos are gorgeous! And not overly tweaked.  A bit of lightening, and maybe a few other subtle changes, but absolutely something I believe I could produce.  This gave me answers and inspiration.

Sometimes I need a push, ya know.

Well, I got all happy and checked out reviews on various beginner friendly editing software and ran out to purchase Paintshop Pro Ultimate 2018 from my local Best Buy.  I liked what I saw online of edited photos and everyone raved about how uncomplicated it was to learn, which is a biggie for me, because I purchased Adobe PhotoShop software over 5 years ago and never had the patience to figure it out.  I used it a few times and put together some ugly photos.  The failures and frustration got the best of me on that one, and eventually I uninstalled it.

But, getting back to Paintshop Pro... This is a PC product! (crying actual tears) Not Mac compatible, so I gotta return it, which may be for the best, since I am on somewhat of a financial diet at this time. That $60 can go towards my grocery bill or gas or something a bit more everyday practical.

Ok. So, Can't use this great software and after consideration, have decided that if anything, I'll search the attic for the Adobe Photoshop disc(s), reinstall that and give it a go at learning the ropes on my own.  But then! (*suspense*) I came across a few articles that gave it up for iPhotos' built in editing tool (which I have already been using for years) and saw pictures of manipulation tools I don't ever bother, such as the RGB Levels, Noise reduction, sharpness, etc. and this got my wheels going again:  Why not just toy around with what you are already familiar with??

I chose some lackluster pics and got to editing and I love it!

Here is a sample of what I've been up to:

Graduation Season 2018 "Head to the Sky"

Shut down Department Store "Good Bye to Yesteryear"

"Bordwalk Grub"

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