Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I Tried Essence Cosmetics Mascara. Here's What I Think.

A couple of weeks ago I visited my local Ulta to re-up on some of my most used beauty products (*Cough* brow pencils *Cough*) and came across a section of a brand that I had never heard of: Essence Cosmetics. There was a nice little selection of mascara in cute packaging, and of course because I am a complete sucker for packaging, I had to try it out. Initially I picked up a single mascara (though I don't recall the type--results promised, i.e. lengthening, volume, both..). When I got to the register I asked the cashier if she'd ever heard anything about the products since I'd never even heard of the brand before and she picked up the double pack shown, saying that she'd used the Curl and Hold mascara and likes it because it gave the low lid the appearance of having been lined. She said it isn't her daily mascara, but has no problem with it.

The pack shown retails for $8 and with the infamous $3.50 off Ulta coupon it came down to a little over $6. Not bad for 2 full size tubes of mascara.  Immediately I tried some on, on the ride back home and I wasn't impressed. I thought it was because I lacked all the other makeup: LINER!!! and also foundation, etc. (You know how your whole face has to be made to make a final decision. LOL) But when the day came that I got all dolled up and went to finish my look with this mascara it was a FLOP! I tried one and then the other and then applied another coat of the first and then the second, and again and again and.. It was just a "NO!"I like my lashes to be full and long and these mascaras just were not taking me to LashTown.

Now, my regular lash cocktail is ac couple of layers of Lancome's Drama Hypnose followed by a couple layers of Maybelline's Falsies Push Up Angel. This is how my current duo is looking below because my full size tub of Drama Hypnose ran out so I'm using every bit my trial size. (Don't you go hatin'.)

I love this combination because the Lancome mascara gives you DRAH-MAAAH!: Full, dark lashes. Go over that with the Maybelline brush and you get lash separation and plenty of elongation! Looks just like a false set of lashes. I promise you! I get compliments on it all the time. A few times my lashes have been mistaken for fakes, even. If you are looking for this sort of result, give it a try.  I apply these mascaras with the brush held horizontally.

Now, I give the orientation of the brush when applying because just this morning I discovered a neat little trick for the Curl and Hold mascara from Essence Cosmetics: Hold the brush vertically when applying. I'm stuck with these mascaras because I trashed or otherwise lost my receipt. Since I have them, why not use them, you know? So, today was my chance. I lined my eyes up in a proper cat eye and applied a coat (horizontally). Got the same old... Unimpressed!!!

Then a thought came to me: try vertically. And it worked!! (Woooo!) I actually held the brush vertically at a slant and sort of wiggle swept. I'm satisfied with the results. It's not the dramatic lash that I go for when getting all jazzy wit it, but it's a good look for a chill day, like running errands or something.

This mascara is good for those that aren't looking for a dramatic look, but maybe just a darkening of their natural lashes. Just a lil pop. Two mascaras for $8 (or less) is a good deal, and the package is cute.

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