Sunday, July 29, 2018

Movie Talk: Sorry to Bother You

I recently watched the movie Sorry To Bother You starring Lakeith Stanfield. If you are on the fence about this one, or have been planning to see it but just haven't found the time to visit the theater yet, my suggestion is that you definitely get out to see it.  It's "woke" (lol) and funny.

And with that said....


I'm getting detailed from here on out, so if you are the type that doesn't like to learn details before you get to check it out for yourself, back on out the room now. 


Cassius Green (played by Stanfield) is a 20-something year old black man down on his luck just trying to make it in America. He lives in the garage of his uncle's house, which is actually close to being foreclosed on. Drives a vehicle that I am pretty sure is illegal to operate on American roads (in all 50 states); it's that beat down. And he's unemployed. The movie begins with him interviewing with a position as a Telemarketer, and boy do they have that whole environment down pat! From the dump of an office space to the managers that look and act anything but professional to the impossible quotas, unbearable pressure and crappy pay! If you have ever had the displeasure of working as a Telemarketer, you may be able to relate. (Bottom line: IT SUCKS!!)

So, anyways, he gets the job. It's difficult, he's not making anything, he's frustrated. He truly is trying, but to get these unsolicited sales calls aren't where it's at. (Just believe me on this one.)

One day an older coworker (played by Danny Glover) tells him that to excel in this position he has to use a "white voice", which he describes is a voice that says to the person on the other end of the line that life is swell. You have no cares in the world and your life/livelihood is not dependent on how this call goes. To be white is just to be. You're not vested in anything b/c, well.. life is good regardless.  He takes the old man's advice and it works!

Cassius becomes the star around the call center and even though he seemed to be giving his all, there comes a point when the most straggly looking manager tells him he's doing great, but he needs to give more. And I'm thinking like... Ain't this some $#%*! He's The Man in this hellhole and still you ask for MORE?! I'm incredulous over this. Like, don't you just hate when you are successful at something and someone sitting on the sidelines is all like, "But you could do better." Like.. Ugh!

Welp, he works his way up to be one of a few elite Telemarketers that have a great workspace which is accessible only by a golden elevator secured with a ridiculously long code. He's making bank! Cuts his  uncle a check to save the house, moves into his own apartment with a great view and buys a Maserati.  He's feeling accomplished, but at the same time a bit troubled about this new role: He's selling prison labor, though the company isn't actually labeled a prison.  It's known as just a regular old employer that gives you 3 square meals and a bunk bed to sleep in, in exchange for your labor.

The name of the company is Worry Free and it's advertising makes it seem like a legit alternative to living in your own, personal environment and working everyday.  It's so appealing that even Cassius' uncle considers it in the event that he loses his home. And I saw deeper into that. I related it to "desperate people do desperate things". When you have nothing and even your shelter is threatened because of this, a lot of people end up in jail (or in this case, Worry Free.) That desperation of trying to make a way out of seemingly no way.  It's a very sad reality here in America, the world capital of incarceration, where you can be attacked by the government's foot soldiers (cops) and even lose your life for selling cigarettes or DVDs to make ends meet.

So, not to get too into the lil twist, I'll just end this by saying he learns of a really messed up plan the owner of Worry Free has to gain more product output and profit from this extremely cheap labor and he foils the guy's plans, but it may be a tad too late to save himself.

This movie touches on human nature/behavior and society as a whole and reflects how at the end of it all, most are all out for themselves, naturally. You can begin as a part of a pack, but once your time comes, you gone! Those you once rocked with are left to fend for themselves. Your morals twist to find things acceptable that you usually would not. And this is all for a buck (and in this day and digital age just plain old fame with no fortune attached at all).

Money. Success.  What drives the ego kills the self.

Is that last line too deep??

Anyways, there is more to the movie. Other characters add to the plot and all. This post is just really what stood out the most to me while viewing it.

Go see for yourself and let me know what you think. Did you like it?

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