Sunday, November 25, 2018

Life Is Not Your Enemy

Regretting mistakes. Carrying the past with you into the uncharted unknowns of tomorrow, of the next hour or even minute. Fearing beginnings. Fearing ends. Where does joy fit in here? On the great spectrum, Where is life valued here? 

One thing is for sure: Life is LOVE. Love isn’t fearful, anxious, angry, prideful. Life is a journey which we are all on; one gigantic string of experiences, which we learn from. We learn: This works, that doesn’t. Doing or saying this renders good results, and that, bad results. I favor this and not that. Large scale. Small scale. Life is a string of experiences in which you can only add more beads. You cannot remove beads already strung. The past is done. Don’t hate it. I hope you learned from it. The future is not known. What looks sure can fall through. What looks bleak can turn around in the last second and usher you into one of the greatest periods, or most the beautiful pattern, in/on your string of life.

Life is not your enemy. Check your thoughts. Check your ego. Check yourself.

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